Wool Sweater Will Smith in Bright


Will Smith in bright takes you to a world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. Netflix has created a action-thriller where humans, orcs, elves and fairies coexists. Police officer “Daryl Ward” lives in a suburban neighborhood with his wive an daughter. He teaches his daughter all different races have to live together probably as a spokesman for the LAPD. Just because people are different doesn’t mean anybody is better or worse that the other. The diversity act leads too Daryl Ward partnering up with an Orc. The whole world is watching the partnership between a human and an orc. The partnership starts off on a bad note for the reason that society won’t let them mix together.

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Daryl needs to know when shit pops off the Orc has his back. He doesn’t care how the world perceives their backgrounds. On a routine night patrol the cops embark on a situation that will alter the future world as they know it. A riot seems to be happening to a house. Both partners enter the building without any help of the other colleagues.  A young female elf is in the possession of a “forgotten” magic wand. A new kind of weapon that grants wishes above all races. The magic want in the wrong hands could destroy everything.

The elfs want to secure the old relic as it belongs to their heritage. The powers of the magic want hit the streets therefore every race is trying to retreive it. The LAPD cops find themselfs in a battle to protect the young elf from any harm that comes their way. Will the new found partnership hold or crumble in the battle between all races in Bright?

Source: Rottentomatoes | Mr Henley

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