Red Henley Shirt Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Red Henley Shirt Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory is always an interesting human being . Especially when we see him in a Henley Shirt. We never thought this day would happen in our lifetime. But in preparations of the wedding of Howard, he can show how good a Henley T-Shirt fits him. He is even reluctant to wear a standard tuxedo, but is it due to the fact that he already wears a Henley shirt? No, Sheldon Cooper in the big bang theory is very hygienic and would rather prefer a Henley shirt underneath his rented tuxedo. And we like it!

Where can I buy the Henley Shirt of Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory?

With only a few weeks until the launch, Howard’s space mission is scrapped due to technical difficulties. Rather than be disappointed, Howard is relieved, since he had always been scared of dying in space, something that he doesn’t mention to anyone. However, NASA decides they do want him to go after all, instead sending him on an earlier mission… one that is scheduled to launch two days before his and Bernadette’s wedding. He is hoping that Bernadette or Bernadette’s tough as nails father will demand that he not go. Meanwhile, Penny decides that she wants to speed things up with Leonard, which Leonard is more than happy to do. But Leonard accidentally speeds things up just a little too much. And Amy does some speeding up of her own regarding her and Sheldon’s relationship, regardless of if Sheldon likes it or not.

Source: IMDB

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