Michael B. Jordan’s outfit “Erik Killmonger” in Black Panther

Erik Killmonger in Black Panther

Erik Killmonger in Black Panther is the most bad ass villain in a Marvel Movie to date. Remember that The Avengers: Infinity War still has to be released. A major conflict is about to happen. Erik Killmonger is not happy with the fact T’Challa is the new king of Wakanda. The new king has brought foreign visitors to the technological advanced Wakanda. Tribes are not happy with a history full of secrecy to protect Wakanda. Now the new king T’Challa brings two (Captain America and the Winter Soldier) strangers from outside into Wakanda. Each tribe is not happy with this fact. Can you imagine how Erik Killmonger feels?

Where can I buy Michael B. Jordan’s outfit “Erik Killmonger” in Black Panther?

Erik Killmonger in Black Panther wants to be the new ruler or Wakanda. To be the new rightful king of Wakanda you need to defeat the current black panther and a group of 6 Wakandan great warriors in open combat. Not a spoiler alert, but in the Marvel Comics, Erik Killmonger already defeated the black panther. Only one thing hold him back to be the new king of Wakanda. He could not withstand the effects of the heart shaped herb. Pretty sure that Marvel will not go this way in this movie.

Killmonger colludes with a hostile foreign adversary “Klaw” in a bid to bring down the rightful  hear to Wakanda’s throne. Working together with  Klaw, Andy Serkis, he plans a big coup. Klaw is being interrogated by Everett K. Ross in a western country. He spills the secrets of Wakanda while king T’Challa is watching behind a glass mirror. They don’t know that Killmonger is secretly trying to break out with Klaw as his friend in battle. With his own opinion on how Wakanda has to be ruled, Killmonger needs Klaw for some reason to aid him to seize the throne. Half of the population of Wakanda things the same way and he needs to represent them by any means necessary.

While breaking out Klaw out of the hands of Everett K. Ross, Killmonger wears the ring of the late king of Wakanda. Showing he’s the rightful successor to the throne. It could also be that he stole the ring from the former king to show he’s is the best king for Wakanda. “I’ve waited my entire life for this, the war is going to start over. I’m ma burn it all” shows he has no desire to show love for the current ruler of Wakanda.

To prepare for battle against king T’Challa, Killmonger needs ancient weapons to stand a chance. You can see him going to the museum to retrieve some old Wakandian spear relics. We believe these are made from Vibranium. The best thing is that Klaw accompanies him to retrieve these relics. Does Killmonger break out Klaw to get the location of these relics? A companion to stage a coup to become the new king of Wakanda?

In the next battles we can see Erik Killmonger use the “old” weapons in fights with king T’Challa. The first battles are beginning in the “Warrior Falls”. A pure battle in water with solely ancient weaponry. You can see Killmonger’s chest covered with tribal scars. The scars represent the history of Erik Killmonger and Marvel will not share how he got these. We have to wait for the full story, because it will be a full reveal. But these scares look amazing!

Two other battle are foreseen. One with the reveal of the “Golden Jaguar”suit. In contrast with the black panther suit, this suit has an open mouth of the Jaguar and represents the personality of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. His suit will emulate from the golden necklace his wears. Secondly in the metro tunnels of Wakanda. This battle could end up in the Vibranium mines underneath the capital of Wakanda…

Source: IMDB | MrHenley

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