Long Henley Shirt Jussie Smollet-Jamal Lyon in Empire Season 2

Long Henley Shirt Jussie Smollet Jamal Lyon in Empire Season 2 https://henleycollar.com

With Lucious Lyon in prison the family tries to take over the empire. After a stab in the back, the family tries to remove Lucious from his throne. From inside the prison Lusious wants to prevent this from happening by using Jamal as an insider. And some employees also try to stop the change of the throne. With a timeframe of 24 hours Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika need to find a solution for the resignation of the current CEO.

Where can I buy Jussie Smollet his Long Henley Shirt?

My first order of business is to remove Lucious Lyon as CEO - Andre Lyon Click to Tweet

In the new season we will see a lot of performances and guest appearances. In the trailer of the new season we can already see Jamal Lyon perform in a Long Henley Shirt.  Because of his stylish influence his is wearing this type of long henley shirt. To prove is masculinity he wears a lot of Henley Shirts in the previous season. But if it would depend on Lucious it would be for nothing. The first guest appearance that we saw, was Chris Rock! As a prisoner we will have some sort of influence in the battle that Lucious will have in season 2.

We can not wait for the new season to begin. From all the drama that happened in the first season we can already begin to prepare for the enormous  battles lying ahead of us. New Money, New Music, New Power! That is the slogan of the next season. While season 1 was one of the biggest shows in 2014, season 2 needs to step up to the plate and deliver a homerum for the fans to be pleased with the series.




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