African Style Outfits in Black Panther

African Style Outfits in Black Panther

The African style outfits in Black Panther are amazing. The scenes in Black Panther with the cultural heritage of Wakanda can take your breath away. As the King/Prince of Wakanda you wear all sort of African style outfits in black panther. It’s not only the King that wears the African outfits, the whole cast can be seen a beautiful garments.  The secret service, the personal guard, family, tribes and even the villain are dressed in the most prestigious manner. The new king impresses the most as he’s on a internal search to his soul in several great African style outfits in black panther.

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The new King is in a dream like state walking up to a three in a white African garment. He walks up to a three with 5 or 6 black panthers who could symbolize this ancestors. The previous leaders of Wakanda that were the leaders of Wakanda including this late father T’Chaka. Which includes that they were the old Black Panthers for centuries. T’Challa wants advice on how to rule Wakanda and make sure all inhabitants are pleased with his decisions. In the scene you can hear a wise voice over which could be the voice of the old king who died in Captain America: Civil War. This dream like state could be triggered by Zuri “Forest Whitaker” who is an old friend of the late King.

The Malagi “Secret Wakandian Service” are also dressed in the most beautiful gear. An all women elite group that protect the technological advanced Wakanda also has the most amazing army outfit. The personal guard stands out as he is more in the picture and need to be response to everything that could possibly happen to the king.  The Queen “Ramonda”, played by Angela Bassett, wears a costume that we could not describe. You have to see it to believe it. Shuri dresses in a manner that is equal to the queen, but remains a bit on the low. T’Challa’s sister “Shuri” wears several costumes between real African and the technological advanced Wakanda we see in the movie.

In one scene Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) is joined by the Queen, Shuri and the secret service. They are traveling in the mountains to find M’Baku who leads the tribe that believe in the white ape instead of the black panther. M’Baku leads the tribe that even drinks the white apes blood and eats his flesh as they draw power from these. Being in the mountains they need better protection from the cold. The thick blanket that are used come from a mystique African source…

Source: MrHenley | Lykot | IMDB

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