Salman Khan’s Outfit Tiger in Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger in Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger in Tiger Zinda Hai has been presumed dead by his beloved country India. The story continues after the adventures of Tiger in Ek Tha Tiger. The two super spies Tiger and Zoya continue their adventure aight years later. A total war breaks loose in a foreign land where civilian lives are in harms way. Tiger is called back into action for an impossible rescue mission to battle an international terrorist organization.

Where can I buy Salman Khan’s Outfit Tiger in Tiger Zinda Hai?

Tiger Zinda Hai is based on true events. Twentyfive nurses are taken hostage by a terrorist group. The world has been divided due to right and wrong, light and darkness hence perceptions in life differ. Abu Usman is the villain who takes the nurses hostage. The main objective is to rescue the nurses  from the worlds most dangerous terror organization. Many will thing this is an impossible task rather than finding the right people for the mission.

Tiger is called on this mission because he is the best of the best. The Indian agent Tiger is one of the best to hunt villains down. The superhero’s only have two days to rescue the nurses that are taken hostage in a hospital.  Furthermore, Tiger wants to send Abu Usman a clear message. Their mission is not only to rescue the nurses, but in addition prove the world that they stand for peace. Time has come and they will hunt for their land as Ubu Usman prepares for war.

Even the repective army’s want to take revenge and protect their families. Soliders are even prepared to sacrifice they life’s and fight this battle. As a result, the whole country stand behind Zoya and Tiger. The superheroes are captured by Abu Usman but, most noteworthy is the spirit of Zoya and Tiger. Always believe in the power of the super agents.

Source: Mr HenleyIMDB

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