Henley Shirt Sam Rockwell in Mr Right

Henley Shirt Sam Rockwell in Mr Right

Martha McKay is unlucky in love and just maybe a little bit abnormal. After ending things with her cheating boyfriend, Martha literally bumps into MR. RIGHT and is immediately impressed by his quick reflexes as he charms her in the only way someone like Martha can be charmed.

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Martha and Mr. Right hit it off right away and engage in a somewhat absurd, very amusing, and ultimately quite delightful courtship. One night when they’re together in her apartment, Mr. Right discovers that shes just as agile as he is. Though shes initially shocked when Right throws a knife at her in order to test her abilities, she quickly becomes more attracted to him than ever.

Just when all seems to be going well, Martha sees Mr. Right murder someone in the park revealing that hes a professional assassin. However, Right is actually trying to become a reformed hitman. Rather than accepting his paid assignments to do others dirty work, hes been killing the bad people who hire him. (because “murder is wrong”).

Naturally, Right has created enemies in the process both from the mobsters and crooks who hire him and from fellow hitmen who have had trouble getting hired in Right’s wake. When they all come after Right and Martha, it creates serious issues in their burgeoning romance. And when the bad guys kidnap Martha to hurt Mr. Right, they find out the hard way that you don’t get in the way of this dynamic duos love.

Source: IMDB

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