Henley Shirt Chris Stoikos of the Dollar Beard Club

Henley Shirt Chris Stoikos owmer of the dollar beard club

It won’t become more manly that this guy. Chris Stoikos is ranking in the top 5 of manliest man in the world. Not only due to his Henley Shirt, but most of all because of his core being. A lumberjack type of guy in a 2015 urban living style. And we are not even speaking about the quotes that he has!  Before going to DollarBeardClub.com make sure you put for girlfriend in the basement with earplugs in her ears.

Chris “Mr Henley Shirt” Stoikos is the proud owner of the Dollar Beard Club. As the name says it, you can purchase products for your beard for only 1 dollar a month. And don’t think that the price reflects the quality. NO! After testing the products ourselfs, we found our beards more shiny than every. And the buzz in the beard world is in favor of Mr Henley Stoikos. The Dollar Beard Club is also a social media community who is still growing hard.

Where can I buy Chris Stoikos his Henley Shirt?

'You sure as hell won't be receiving any f**king razors from us to demolish your manhood!'… Click to Tweet

The product range goes from beard oils, waxes, balms, shampoos to a ton of other products to help keep you beard smooth, healthy and smelling like a beard from ZEUS.

On Dollar Beard Club there is a Beard of Fame for the 10.000 first member. Next to Chris Stoikos there is another name you might have heard of » Dan Bilzerian. The professional (poker) player has backed the club from the first moment. As we can see on Chris his instagram account, the two are partying as if there is no life without beards. So.. Let growth the hell out of our beards and make sure you use the products from the Dollar Beard Club

On set, minus the Lulu

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