They (women) say that men always stick to a clothing item and do not deviate from that item. And it’s actually true… For some men it is a model of jeans, a tracksuit, a knot in a tie and so on. For me it is a Henley Shirt. Once I got used to wearing a Henley collar shirt, I already knew that this was it. I got a lot more complements (read: attention) from our female counterparts and men became jealous and those are always confidence boosters.  It is actually proven that a Henley brings out the masculinity of men. Which we can also describe as a Alpha dog of a Leader of the wolf pack.

 So my online journey begun to develop in to a habit when I was online shopping for a Henley Shirt. After a while I came to the conclusion that it was to hard to find the right shirt and Henley sweaters because not all the web shops use the same terminology to define a Henley Collar and even Henley Sweaters. So I made myself the frontier of the perfect shirt and became Mr. Henley.

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